If you sent an event with the same Event Name but different properties, does it create a new line in the Lexicon as in does it create an event twice?

  • 20 August 2020
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I have 2 platforms, web and mobile, like most people, and I’m coming in to a team that already has events predefined, moving forward some features apply to both web and mobile so i want to be unified and just use the same event name, but I know the properties will be or may be different since I may want to collect additional metadata or different metadata (properties) if I’m on one platform vs the other.


My question is: Does sending events with same Event Name but with different properties join the two or will it just create further confusion with 2 events appearing in Lexicon with the same Event Name? I personally just want to use 1 Event and use the OS to distinguish the platform origin.

3 replies

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@bbhardhat —

If you send two events with the same Event Name (syntax must be the same), but different properties, the two events will considered the same in Mixpanel. That said, if they have different properties and you breakdown by the property, you will see some events with that property undefined. Likewise, if you filter for the event property you will exclude some events. If you would like to link these properties you could use custom properties to achieve that goal. 


Hi @cherise thank you! This answers my question? A follow-up question is does this work the same with display event name? In the sense if I have 2 events with different event names and I want to “join” them then can I name them with the same display name and they will be essentially joined?

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Hey @bbhardhat!

Jumping in, changing two events to have the same display name will not join the two events together, it’ll just change the name within the UI. For example, changing the display name would be useful for events where you might have spelling errors and want to correct that within the UI (“Playyed Song” » “Played Song”)

We do have a merge feature in Lexicon that would be incredibly useful for joining events that you consider to be the same! I’ve linked the article here if you want to read more about how to use the feature and learn more about other Lexicon features :) 

In Lexicon, project owners can merge events and properties.

For example, suppose your iOS app sends an event named “Purchase”, and your Android app sends an event named “purchase item”. Both events have the same function, but you have to select each separately every time you build a report.

You could merge both events, “Purchase” and “purchase item” into a single event named “Purchase”. Now you no longer need to query each event separately. Mixpanel recognizes both “Purchase” and “purchase item” as a single event called "Purchase".

Being able to merge events can help streamline your implementation, reduce your costs by eliminating redundant events being sent to Mixpanel, and simplify report analysis because you’re only using optimal events and properties.