Identify event is being created without me directly calling it

  • 4 August 2020
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  • At our user sign up stage, I have added mixpanel tracking within a single “sign up function” to 1) alias the user to reassign their unique id to be their email 2) set 2 super properties 3) track the sign up event (Tutor Sign up) along with 2 properties and 4) assign sign up values (name, email etc) to the people value
  • This sign up function is called after the user signs up
  • No where in the function am I calling identify. I am not calling identify anywhere else in the code base just yet as I am still testing
  • Why is an identify event being created (as seen in screenshot)? Is this something that’s implicitly called? Based on watching the detailed music player set up videos, it seems like this should not be happening.
  • Please see the attached screenshot for what is being returned in live view based on my first bullet point

Would love any feedback!


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Alias now calls the identify method as a function of an update to our Identity Management platform.


If you do not have identity merged enabled, the SDKs will act in a backwards compatible fashion. This is intended and the Identify events are only recorded for debugging purposes, they do not get count for any pricing calculations.

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