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  • 4 August 2020
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When a user loads our site, we call mixpanel.init, and then mixpanel.register (with some non-identifying info). From there, we only call mixpanel.track until the user registers, after which point we call mixpanel.identify with their userId for the first time.  Our funnels don’t seem to correlate logged out users with logged in users even though we have identity merge set on our whole company.

2 replies

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@jegutman -

Two things I would check:

  1. Is there a chance that you are calling mixpanel.reset anywhere around this flow? Given that mixpanel.reset changes the distinct_id and clears the super properties that you established with mixpanel.register this could interrupt the user flow you are expecting.
  1. Do you see a complete drop off? or just for a percentage of the users? Some users may be affected by ad blockers or tracking permissions


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Hello @jegutman,

I would try to follow your user behavior with Live-view and verify that each properties are set and how the distinct_id is changing over time. 

Is your login page on the same domain name than your homepage? sub-domain works if you are using cookies storage.