ID Merge when sending through backend app and from multiple sources

  • 7 June 2022
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I’d like to ask about a specific use case where there are 3 different applications sending event data. 1 website and 2 SaaS apps. website and one saas will be using email as distinct_id and the other saas will use 2 different distinct_id per unique user. for 2 saas i will be using node.js “load” operation for uploading events periodically or as they arrive.

What is the best way to combine this data on an ongoing basis so that systems can continue sending data with the distinct_id that they know and i can see the data combined on mixpanel. 

  1. when i call “merge” event on 2 distinct ids, are all “future” events of those ids combined automatically? Or does merge work only for existing event data and i have to call merge periodically for upcoming data?
  2. should i call alias when i know that 3 distinct ids belong to the same user for “future” events and merge for “existing” events? 

Again i’ll be mainly using node.js to send saas events and for the web site i’m only interested in events after login so no complicated operation needed for web at the moment


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Hello @alperd , For node.js based events, don’t you have email available for users? If yes you can simply send the event against the email as Mixpanel will map web and saas events into single user profile. 

Thank you for your response, sorry if i wasnt clear with my question. I have to send events using email and a few different ids from different systems and no i can not use email for all. Question is about how to do this in mixpanel the right way. Mixpanel has id merge enabled. I’ll mostly be using load operation on node.js to send events. What’s the best way to ensure my node.js can continue sending events with different ids while mixpanel can continuously assign/combine them into a single user?