I'm using Mixpanel with Segment, anyone using this too?

  • 16 February 2019
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I'm using Mixpanel with Segment, anyone using this too? I'm looking at further use cases of how folks are finding the data coming from Segment in Mixpanel

4 replies


I have used this setup before.
I was using Popcorn Metrics to define events in their GUI, then using Segment to redirect the data to 3/4 tools I was using, including Mixpanel. From what I remember the data coming from Segment was just like the data coming from installing mannualy mixpanel on your code! Is it not the same for you?



Yes that's correct, connections is just connections (integrations)

I was thinking more of Segment's other product offering. Personas, where it allows you to try make sense of customer data.

Curious and wondering if anyone has layered that with MixPanel nicely and any unique or interesting use cases around that.

That is, from Segment's website: Personas is a new product built on the Segment platform. With Personas, you can make sense of your customer data and use it to deliver personal experiences throughout your customer journey.


Hey, this is the only way i'd do it now. Otherwise the data just gets crazy inconsistent all over the place.


We've been using Segment with Mixpanel for a few years now. It works great and captures all of the data we need.