I can't see events nor users in my Mixpanel Dashboard

  • 6 September 2020
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Hey guys,
I’m experienced Android and Flutter Developer and I was using before similar 3rd party tracking APIs (Firebase, AppBoy, ...). However, I’m getting problems with tracking with Mixpanel.

I’m trying to send it from native Android app using this
And from Flutter app using this

In both cases, I can’t see any events in Mixpanel Dashboard nor users (Users → Explore).

I’ve tried also official sample apps from Github, replacing token with my own found in Settings → Set up Mixpanel. Also no lack.

I stopped getting pop up at the top of dashboard saying that there is no data, but data also aren’t shown?

Yes, I’m aware of delay. I waited several days since first events were sent.

1 reply

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Hi @digitalheart —

As a first step, can you confirm that you have the correct project token in the Mixpanel SDK? I know it sounds simple, but worth a check!

It alarms me that you are not seeing any data whatsoever, which makes me think that it may be a token issue.

If that's not the case, can you tell me more about where you are looking in your project?  You mentioned Dashboards + Users -->Explore. Are you able to see data when you navigate to your Insights report?

If you are not seeing User data, that is likely because you are not sending people data specifically. If you are clicking on Dashboards, the reason you may not see anything there is because your dashboard is comprised of saved reports. This said, you can use Live View to help QA your data. 

Please let me know if this helps point you in the right direction!