How to track these (Ecommerce) events in Mixpanel

  • 19 August 2020
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I am implementing Mixpanel for my Ecommerce store (Wordpress/Woocommerce). Just found this demo Ecommerce database part of the Mixpanel demo. I am getting most of the important events through the regular clicks in the front end. But, I am not sure how to get these revenue related information (please see attached the image: I have taken it from the Mixpanel Ecommerce demo KPI dashboard). Specially, I am looking to get the details of cart value, product level information with associated prices, total sales per day etc. Do I have to add other sources to find this type of information. Will highly appreciate if anyone can please advice me on how to find these.

Sample dataset Ecommerce (Mixpanel)


1 reply

I have started reading the Mixpanel documents and found this interesting link on how to track revenues under the JavaScript integration-

Will appreciate if anyone can advice where should I these Javascript in my website to get the revenue information.