How to track a complete web > app OR app > web sign-up funnel using distinct IDs and ID merge?

Historically our primary user flow has been Web Visit > Web Sign-Up > Mobile App Login > Mobile App Events. So using Distinct ID and ID Merge has worked perfectly fine for reporting on this funnel.

However, we’re getting ready to launch an App Sign-Up that creates 3 additional sign-up flows:

  1. App Download > App Session > App Sign-Up
  2. Web Visit > App Download > App Session > App Sign-Up
  3. App Download > App Session > Web Visit > Web Sign-Up

#1 we know is OK to track. But #2 and #3 we are scratching our heads on. Even though MixPanel uses Distinct ID and ID Merge to attribute user activity post-login, because MP’s Distinct ID is cookie based and these events occur on different devices and apps without cookies… How would MP be able to use ID Merge in this situation? It seems like #2 and #3 would result in orphaned events that occur prior to Sign-Up.

I also saw that there’s documentations about a server-side implementation, but not sure if that solves this issue or not?

Can anyone help with a solution or explanation of what would happen in this scenario? Thank you! 😀


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Mixpanel knows how to merge the anonymous user with the signed up/logged in user and then if they log in from multiple device all the data from the devices will be added to the same user id

If you don’t have a tracking system in place then you need to use attribution tools such as Appsflyer to be able to tell us who the user is 

Server side can help if you know what user is who and then you can either merge or send the relevant user identity  

The first thing you mentioned is true via ID Merge, but that’s only possible when the randomized Distinct IDs are the same across devices and platforms (app/web). However, a user has a different Distinct ID on a mobile app vs web before they sign-up or login, and therefore this activity isn’t merged until a user logs in and/or signs up on all devices. We have a user flow where they may not end up logging into our web experience for some time, and so because of that delay we might not be able to merge this data for a few days. Specifically talking about the Web Visit > App Sign-Up journey.

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So yeah. Nothing you can really do here. Would check as i mentioned attribution solutions that could link those users

I don’t think this is solved yet. Another customer asked a related question HERE and got a bit more of a detailed technical response. It seems like MixPanel should have some more clear-cut documentation on how to solve this issue.

We’ve reached out to our Account Manager and still haven’t heard back yet. Is there a way we can have this issue reviewed further?