How to properly test mixpanel integration in my website?

  • 1 January 2021
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I’ve installed the mixpanel script snippet in my website (which includes mixpanel.init(“...”)), then from the browser’s developer console bar, i do a `mixpanel.track(“test”)` and check the live events, but i cant see any of my events.


is the way im testing this correct? If not, how should i be testing? If my testing is correct, any ideas how i can debug it?



3 replies

Additional information:

  • Seems to work on firefox and chromium, but it doesnt work in my chrome
  • In firefox and chromium, if i do `mixpanel.toString()`, I get “mixpanel”. In chrome, if I do `mixpanel.toString()`, i get “mixpanel “stub””

Any ideas how to make it work in chrome?

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I don’t know about your second message but your first idea is the right one.

Set a mixpanel.init() and you’re good to use track, identify, people.set etc…

Be aware of identify and what are the consequences behind. When testing identify, don’t forget to reset() your cookies and local storage

I figured out what’s wrong. Some chrome extension is blocking it (i dont know which one. i can turn off all my adblockers and it still wont run. i have to turn off ALL my extensions for it to run)