How to group traffic sources to custom channels

  • 19 November 2021
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Hi, we have use case where we want to organize our owned and non-owned traffic into the custom channel groups. 

We are pretty much aware of how to organize paid channels because we have UTMs
Example: If source is google or bing and medium is cpc put in channel Paid Search

But we don’t know how to organize “non-owned channels”  such as direct, organic, referral, into the custom groups. 


3 replies


You can use the “is not set” or the “is not” and select what you want to filter out


hi @alon, but how do you setup Campaign Source? 

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@Bounty Hunter For grouping you can simply make use of Google Analytics channel grouping definition.  

About how you can incorporate in your Mixpanel reports, you have two options.

First, send it as an event property.

Second, create custom property in reports and group based on url and referral property values.