Handling Gravity Forms Data in combination with conditional logic

  • 10 July 2020
  • 1 reply


We've been able to implement Mixpanel for some Gravity Forms that we have on our site. However, with larger forms we're wondering what the best approach would be in terms of capturing the data.

We have a form with around 30 questions and it contains conditional logic, so depending on the user's selection, the relevant fields would be shown.

We want to capture the question and the answer for each of the chosen options.

How would you recommend handling this? 


1 reply


Depending on your level of familiarity with the framework you would likely trigger events on each conditional check. The other strategy is encapsulating and sending the data when the form is completed.  This is really dependent on how you want to derive insights from the forms, are you looking to get micro optimization of the individual questions or are you just trying to track that a form was submitted?


Seems like quickly going through the Gravity Forms Docs, where you can trigger specific actions based on a submission etc. Submission Hooks. There is also the Entry Change Hooks which appears to be triggered when a field changes.

Either case appears to be doable but would require deeper experience with Gravity, have you reached out to the Gravity team to get clarity?