Funnel Reports don't show all conversions

  • 20 April 2019
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Under my insights it shows 17 "Order Completed" Events.

However, under my funnel visualisations, it only shows 3 "Order Completed" events registered at th end of the funnel. This is regardless of total or unique user counts.

Why is there a discrepancy here and how do I get it to show the actual number of conversions?



1 reply

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@KennethOng comparing both reports to each other is probably not the best route to go about since they report on different things and it depends on your setup for each report...

For example, let's say we have two reports, an Insights report and a Funnels report, both using unique counts. For our first Insights report, we are pulling "C event" that gives us a total unique count of 10. For our Funnels report, we have a two step Funnel (you need at least two steps for Funnels) where you have "A Event" as our first step and "C event" as the finally step, and the count for "C event" is 3. "C Event" count is different from Funnels vs Insights report because Insights is only counting for one event and the Funnels report calculates how many users who did "A event" and then went on to "C event". Does that make sense?

I usually take a look at their Funnels Deep dive article to help better understand how Funnels is calculated / loose ordering works (took me a while for this one!) I also found this old community post very useful Hopefully this is helpful to you too!