Funnel not showing data correctly - insights and people's tab is however

  • 11 April 2019
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We have set up a very basic funnel - landing page --> payment page --> success page.

We run into a problem when we are viewing the funnel. We see landing page --> payment page --> but when we get to the success page we only notice around 1/5 of those who actually subscribed.

When we look within insights and the people's tab - it shows those who converted to match with our actual conversions.

Something to point out - when a user is on the landing page - 4/5 of the five buttons go to directly to the payment section of the payment page - the other 1/5 goes to the top of payment page. That is to say 4/5 goes to - I wonder if this is affects the funnel? It shouldn't however if the data is within insights / people.

The only issue is within the funnels. Any ideas as to why this may be happening?

1 reply

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Hey @mscott ! I do not think comparing the conversions that happen in Funnels should be compared to the People or Insights reports as they do different things. There is an old post here on how Funnels works... Funnels is like following a user through a path. This could be the reason you do not see the exact numbers that you see in your People or Insights reports. Another resource I usually refer to is their Funnels Deep Dive article, they have a section on loose ordering and examples on how it is calculated

Hopefully this helps explain the different numbers you are seeing!