Funnel data always seems a little off....

  • 20 February 2019
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Something I am finding a little weird, is funnel data seems to show very different numbers to just looking at the event in insights.

Let me give you this example.

if I take an event called Email Delivered, over 2 days, and view it in insights, it says 8 events have been triggered.

Next, when I build a funnel to show that event in some steps, in our case, the event flow is

1. Sent email

2. Delivered email

3. Openend email

4. Filled in form.

I actually see no data presented over those dates?

But if I compare some of the events in Insights, there they are, low and behold.

Other observations

- I've tried editing the funnel to be both unique and total, - same result

- The time period of the funnel is 30 days. So even if people don't complete the last step, the time period between sent and delivered is minutes anyway, so this shouldn't be a problem.

- I can't imagine it's a delay. The data all comes from segment, and i've waited a few days just to be sure...

Not sure what the issue might be here?

Any thoughts?

4 replies

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@braddunn hey brad, I'm interested to see how you're building your Funnel since in the screenshot of Insights the events all start with 'Survey Email...' They look like they all started happening at the same time, So a funnel wouldn't make sense in this case?

Also worth noting that Mixpanel has built in Message Analytics, so it might be worth it to send your emails out of Mixpanel in the future?


Hey, so they start with Survey Email - Delivered, Survey Email - Opened etc. They only look like they are happening at the same time because i'm showing the data the event tracking went live. But I'm not sure that clarifies anything anyway?

It's really just a case of

put ANY event in insights, and the count will be say, 5

Then put the same event in a funnel, and the count won't be 5.

I'm just trying to understand why that might be. I've checked Uniques vs Totals, and it's not that either....

Also, using mixpanel to send our surveys isn't really that useful. The surveys are kind of core to the product and we do a lot with it. It's not like a user survey kind of thing.

@braddunn Did you manage to find an answer for this?

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Hi Braddunn,


This is a common question - i.e. why does the funnel total count in step 1 not look like the total in Insights for the same period of time, e.g. 30 days.

The answer depends not on that 30 day window you’re looking at, but at the conversion window. Here’s an example: 


Users are counted in Totals each time they enter the funnel after:

  • The conversion window runs out
  • They complete the funnel
  • Or they are excluded by an exclusion step

Hope that clarifies your question. You can find more documentation about funnel calculations here: