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  • 13 February 2020
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Hi there! im new on Mixpanel, so i have many question about it. 


I manage FB ads, and right now i am interesting to make some stadistics about it, but i wanna know more about the FB integration, how its works, what type of data i can carry. if anyone could help me i will appreaciate!


Thx to everyone!


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7 replies

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Hi @albravo,

Have you see on our facebook ads integration help article? This article goes into detail on the permission needed, how to enable the integration, data requirements, and much more. 


Hope this helps! 

Hi @stephanie 

I read all the documentation but is not clear what type of info i can get, for that reason i consult here, if are any video or something explaining better, comes excelent.


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Hi @albravo

Are you curious how Mixpanel’s data might look like on Facebooks ads? To be completely transparent, my knowledge of how the integration might look like on Facebooks Ads end is limited (I do not personally have a Facebook Business account for replication). 

On the Mixpanel side, the article mentions the data you would be able to get would be Cohorts - it can sync dynamically (or one time export) into your Facebook Ads account. 

Hi @stephanie ,


Thanks for your anwser, that Video i didn’t saw it, may be could help to clear doubts. Did you know if the free version give me access to try it?

Any info extra comes perfect :p


Once again, thanks for your time :)

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@albravo unfortunately we do not have a video outlining Mixpanel’s integration with Facebook Ads. I have passed down your feedback to our content team for a video on our Facebook Ads Integration.
If you decided to use our Facebook Ads integration and run into any blockers, please feel free to share your blocker/question on QBQ! 

I’d like integration where FB is the SOURCE and that information is being pulled into Mixpanel. Is there a way to do this? Thanks

are we able to pull ad spend data with mixpanel? the documentation is not clear on what the integration can do other than cohorts info.