Events sent to Mixpanel are delaying updating the insights on dashboards

  • 9 July 2019
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We are using Mixpanel for Analytics tracking. And we found that the events that are coming on Mixpanel are delaying. We have one insight on the dashboard to track Daily Active Users using "Health: App Opened" event, but this event is not going to Mixpanel asap it is generated and maybe taking 3-4 days to update the insights count.

On Mixpanel, dashboard, it is taking 3-4 days to reflect all the event count for a specific day. For example,

If I see the count of Health: App Opened event on 2nd July, it was around 2400, on 7th July same time, it hiked up to around 2900 and on 9th July, it was around 3100.

Can you please help us know what is causing this delay in getting events to Mixpanel. This is happening for other sources as well.

1 reply

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Hi @rakeshostwal, I've experienced event delays on our Android application and I am wondering if this is something that you could be experiencing too. I would check to see if the event delays from Health: App Opened are coming from either an Android or iOS library.

I bring this up because Mixpanel’s mobile SDKs have built-in functionality that queues offline Events and People updates. In short, Android and iOS apps will collect offline events (up to 5 days) and once the app regains connectivity, the data will be flushed to your Mixpanel project.

To read more on how offline events from mobile get queued into Mixpanel, I would take a look at their Tracking If Users Are Offline article.

Hopefully this helps get to the bottom of what you are seeing!