Events not uploaded consistently to Events view (formerly Live View)

  • 21 December 2021
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Hi, I have an Event that I’m uploading but it’s not showing up in the Events tab (formerly Live View) on Mixpanel.


Even worse, sometimes it shows up, but usually it doesn’t.


Say I trigger the event on device, I log a string to console just before and after, and I background/flush the events to make sure they’re all uploaded.


However, I see some events, but only some of the time I see my button click event in question.


Is this data sampled? How do I debug this? It’s very frustrating that I am just expected to keep clicking refresh for up to 3 minutes to test my event logging.

1 reply

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Hey @jake17007 if you are sampling on a report there will be the lighting bolt in the top of the report as noted here. Are you able to have a look to see if it’s enabled?