Discrepancies in actual leads generated vs leads tracked in Mixpanel

  • 9 January 2019
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Hi everyone,

We have a conversion event set up to track leads on button clicks. We have the conversion event showing as being tracked correctly, though only a fraction of the actual leads we are generating on our site are actually being tracked within analytics in Mixpanel.

Anyone know what might be causing this?

3 replies


Anyone? :)

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Hi @connorgp,

Could you please specify a bit more the case and the question?



@IvanMuniz Hey sorry, I did not see your reply earlier. We have our mixpanel code installed on the site, and we have a conversion event to fire on button clicks of a form we are using for lead gen. When we take the actual number of leads we have generated with the form (we have these in a database and can count the exact number of leads we received in a specific period), and compare it with the number of button click conversion events that are tracked with Mixpanel -- we have two different numbers.

Mixpanel's button click conversion events are tracking significantly less conversions. Does this make sense?