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  • 14 August 2019
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We are trying to track utm tags on mixpanel but running into some problem.

Mixpanel documentation suggests that these are tracked by default and then sent to all the events after that as they are registered as a super property. However we are seeing these utm tags being tracked in the mp_page_view event but then not present in any other event after that. My understanding is if this is registered as a super property then we should see this in all the events following the mkp_page_view event.

Has anyone experienced extracting first touch utm tags without writing any custom code ?

3 replies

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We do this at our company and it is working well. If you are using their client side javascript library on web browsers, it does automatically pass utm tags as super properties for events that are sent directly from the user's device to Mixpanel.

One thing to note is that if your website does redirecting, the redirecting can cause the url to be striped of the utm tags, thus not logging them as a super property. Not sure the behavior of you website but maybe this could be a reason why you are not seeing UTM tags not being set as super properties?


Thank you for replying.

No we are not using any redirects. In fact we are seeing the utm tags passed to Mixpanel with the mp_page_view event but they are not present in any other events that occur after that

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interesting, could you share with me the URL you are sending with the UTM tag? I can take a look and see if I notice anything that might be helpful!