Dates sometime display in PST, sometimes in UTC

  • 14 February 2019
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The majority of my events are being displayed in my local timezone (PST), but sometimes I see events in UTC. The data comes from Segment, which for example sent two events with the following timestamps:

Event 1:


Event 2:


When I view these events in a Mixpanel User Profile, they're displayed with the following times:

Event 1 (displays in UTC):

5:47 PM

Event 2 (displays in PST):

9:47 AM

Is there any way to make the dates display in a consistent manner?

Thank you.

3 replies


Where is it that you're seeing these time stamps?

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Under Users > Explore > User Profile

The top event is Event 1, and was sent to Mixpanel with the timestamp: "2019-02-14T17:47:12.901Z"

The bottom event is Event 2, and was sent to Mixpanel with the timestamp:


There is no reason for them to be displayed with different times, and yet, they are.

Having the same issue.

Did you figure it out @jpeck @pgib ?