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  • 16 June 2020
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We are integrating mixpanel through segment in cloud-mode. I went through the documentation and observed that we need to:

  1. alias, when user signs up
  2. identify, when user logs in

Everything seems fine but, what happens to the anonymous actions, when an existing user(already signed up), visits site, do some actions(new distinct ID) and logs in(identify at login). Which user will these anonymous actions attribute to ?

I understand while login when we identify, mixpanel checks the lookup table to find the distinct id for this user and all the actions after this point will be attributed to distinct ID mixpanel fetched from the lookup table.

How will the anonymous actions for an existing user be linked to the distinct ID of signed up user when all we do when the user logs in, is identify the user ?

User Actions on Site:

First Visit from Device-1:

  1. Anonymous user visits site :  Distinct ID - D1  
  1. Does event E1 : Distinct ID - D1
  1. Alias(username) : Distinct ID - D1 (REGISTRATION)
  1. Does event E2: Distinct ID - D1

Second Visit from Device-2:

  1. Anonymous user visits site: Distinct ID - D2
  2. Does event E1 : Distinct ID - D2
  3. Idenitfy(username) : Distinct ID - D1  (LOG IN)
  4. Does event E2: Distinct ID - D1

Events with distinct ID - D2 will be orphaned.

Please guide me if I am doing something wrong here.

If you need more information Please ask.
Requesting an immediate help on this issue.


1 reply

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Alias is no longer needed if your account has enabled the Merge Id settings. It solves a lot of issue from what I was able to see.