Creating attribution report for different pieces of content

  • 7 July 2020
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My client has a product that can be installed on a number of computers. They are currently tracking how many installs each contact has, in Hubspot.

I want to create an attribution report to correlate content viewed with the number of installs. I was thinking of doing it this way:

  1. Using a Signal report
  2. Goal = relevant cohort (install=1, install=2-9, etc)
  3. Event = Top Events (create event for each piece of content a user can view)

Does this sound right?

Also, is it possible to import the relevant data from Hubspot so I have data going back in time?

4 replies

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Hi @lisigef 


This is a perfect use of the Signal report so definitely sounds right.

In terms of Hubspot data, this would need to be a custom integration but looks like it’s easily achievable through solutions like Zapier, Leadsbridge and


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Thanks @mattsmith

What’s the easiest way to set up content tracking? Do I need to add code to the website source code for every piece of content that gets added to the site/blog? Is there a generic code I can add to the site that will track pageviews/blog views? Or is it better to use the generic Hubspot tracking and continuously import the data (via Zapier or other)?

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Hi @lisigef 


Apologies for the delay, I was on holiday from the first week of July until today.

I don’t have any experience of implementing via Hubspot directly as my job doesn’t directly involve implementation and the code. You could ask this question over on the Sending Data to Mixpanel section of the Community and someone will be happy to help.


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@lisigef — I was able to change the category of this post to Sending Data to Mixpanel.


Content tracking can be as brief or detailed as you choose — for starters, here is a guide specifically on page views.  Choosing to use hubspot/zapier, or the Mixpanel SDKS really comes down to your comfort level. If you havent seen it already, I’d suggest checking out this implementation guide.


Looking at this idea, these customers seem to use Hubspot, so if you would like to learn more you can certainly tag them in a post to see if they can share more about their experience.