Cannot disable geolocation

  • 21 October 2020
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According to the documentation, as long as you set the config parameter `ip:false` on initializing Mixpanel, no location information should be visible for your events. 

However, even with adding this condition, I’m seeing the geolocation information in the Live View dashboard.

For user privacy restrictions, I need to remove all IP-related data.  Is this a bug, or is there some other way to disable it?


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@scientiffic —

Can you confirm that you are using our client-side SDKs? 

I assume you are looking at this help doc —It is true that if you don’t want Mixpanel to set city, region, and country by default, you can change the config via your init. This will not collect IP and therefore not populate city, region, and country default properties:

mixpanel.init("YOUR_TOKEN", {'ip':false})

I start with the following:

  • Confirm if you are seeing EVERY event still sending location data, or if just some of the events are sending location data.
    • If every event is, then I would make sure to test this in an entirely different environment (browser, session, user — and do a hard reset and clear your cache)
    • If only some events have location data, confirm which SDK/Mixpanel Library is being used.