Can't get the API to work when setting $ios_devices property

  • 6 August 2020
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I’ve tried every format to send the ios_devices as shown in the API documentation but it never gets set. I’ve tried the following body sent as a base64 decoded data query string, and also as a JSON body payload. I get success from the API but there is never any values set.

{    "$distinct_id": "EtbqkVFrDiRNQjQWLEdjMdYPGRC2",    "$token": "PROJECT_TOKEN",    "$ignore_time": true,    "$union": {        "$ios_devices": ["2ffca4ad6599adc9b5202d15a5286d33c19547d472cd09de44219cda5ac30207"]    }}


Can anyone point me in the right direction? Have you seen these issues as well? 

1 reply

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@tmaestor —

I noticed you are working with our support team on this question, but for anyone else running into a similar issue, check the following in your engage request:

- Must be a POST request (not GET)
- JSON needs to be an array of objects
- The JSON needs to be base64 encoded
- The value should be in a POST parameter called "data"

Please find more information here.


I also noticed that you mentioned you are using a react native SDK — have you joined this group yet?