Can I create a cohort by importing CSV in the Mixpanel?

  • 12 April 2022
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I want to track activities of specific users on the Mixpanel. Wanted to track the impact of offline activities on users in Mixpanel. 

P.S: profile of these users already exists on the Mixpanel. Just want to group them (I do not want to select individuals as the group size is large)


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Sorry im not sure i understand the question.

Do you want to import with CSV or you want to just flag specific users?

If you want to track specific users then I would flag them with the CSV upload and then create a cohort based on that

Yes, Alon. I want to track activities of the specific users. Can you help me how you flag users and create cohort by uploading the CSV?

Hello alon, would be interested in the answer too. Thanks ! 

Joining the question,

I am trying to create a cohort based on a csv list of user id's.

Tried using a data set but it require manualy inserting each of the entries.


For us it is a mandatory feature to be able to create user groups from information coming of a 3rd party service(in this case Intercom, but other cases exist as well)