Bug: Likely with NSMutableSet

  • 17 November 2020
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I am observing a crash in my app from mixpanel and I think this is related 

These two following lines might be culprits In MixPanel.m file and unarchiveProperties method.

self.people.unidentifiedQueue = [NSMutableArray arrayWithArray:properties[@"peopleUnidentifiedQueue"]] ?: [NSMutableArray array];

self.shownNotifications = [NSMutableSet setWithSet:properties[@"shownNotifications"]] ?: [NSMutableSet set];

showNotifications should be NSMutableSet and the above line is not setting this to NSMutableSet.

Please refer to the attachment -Modified.png.

Stacktrace is also attached. 


Crash happening mostly on iPad and iOS13.7 and above, while in Background.

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