Bug (?) in funnel through API using where

  • 14 March 2019
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I'm trying to create my own dashboard (so that I will be able to provide each of our customers his own data).

I have a funnel, which I'm trying to filter according to the domain which triggered the events.

I'm using the visual dashboard to show only 'testdomain' results:

This is the visual result I'm getting:

But when I'm using an api call for a funnel with no filter, but with 'where' filter in the url, I'm getting different results. (funnel_id=5628059 points to a clean funnel, with no filters and the above two steps).

This is the url I'm using:"testdomain" in properties["$referring_domain"]

And this is the results I'm getting:

The numbers (especially for the first step) are totally wrong...

Am I doing something wrong?



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@eyal it seems like the "where" function in your API call is adding an additional filtering. Try this: in your API call, take out everything after your Funnel ID. See if that get's you the same numbers