Break multiple users into a single user

  • 30 June 2020
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I know we can merge multiple users into a single profile but how can I break multiple users to a separate profiles?


Some users are recording in the same profile because of some errors but I want to create separate profiles if they login again etc


Is there a way to break user in to separate profiles?

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@Affan —

Sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue - The bad news first: Merged users cannot be unmerged. However, you can fix the issue moving forward and ensure the distinct_id of your users is kept consistent throughout their user journey.

Are you using the new ID Merge feature? You can find out more about it in our Help Center:

It sounds like you found the cause of the error, but for anyone else stumbling on this post, if you have multiple users using the same device, you will need to call reset to generate a new, anonymous distinct_id and reset the cookie so a new user can log in:


The user profile will show you the distinct_id and all ids aliased to the main distinct_id. The distinct_id in the URL is the main distinct_id:

Once that association is made, any event tracked with one of the listed IDs will be allocated to this user profile. 

I would recommend reviewing the process of how you are using the alias/ identify call in your project.

One option might be to trigger an identify call at login on the value that you are interested in tracking this user with. Although you will not have their previous data you will be able to resolve the issue moving forward and move them into a new profile.