Best practies for Multiple Users on Single Devices

  • 26 December 2021
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Our platform has a desktop client (.NET) on which users can have multiple accounts and can use them at same time, you can see it a bit like Slack’s workspaces.

This means they can perform actions form each account without an explicit login / logout step.

I’ve read in depth your article on mutiple users on one device and have one main question, since we’re planing to identify users by email: is it OK to call `mixpanel.reset` and `mixpanel.identify` each time before `mixpanel.track`? I see in your unity docs here that you have a `identity cluster limit` and I would not want to hit it :)

How does it work and how are the 500 events calculated?

Any other tip on this is appreciated, we’re quite new to product analytics.

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