Automatically Capture people properties as Super Properties

  • 23 March 2021
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I have quite a bit of experience integrating Mixpanel into projects, and I’m always running into the same issue.

I want to track counters, like a counter of an important action, most basic example could be totalAppOpened. I obviously set this as a people property, but also want to set it as a Super property, to make differentiated analysis between newbie users vs expert users on all the relevant events.

People property implementation is trivial. The super property counter implementation is not:
To implement that correctly, I can't just rely on the storage provided by Mixpanel: On mobile, or on the Web, it’s brittle, and following an uninstall on mobile or a Cache clear on the browser, my local counters will be reset, essentially breaking my Super Property counter.

So I need to either persist it in my own DB and restore that counter  upon login, or query the Mixpanel API to get the latest profile data. And even with that, it’s not enough: I have a use case with a backend incremented counter, to properly set that on my client events, I would need to implement some sort of socket between my client and my server, no no, that’s too much work for something that should be simple.

So my question is, could it be possible for Mixpanel to “capture” some people properties, from the profile, and include them in the events sent ? 

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