Appsflyer integration missing data

  • 16 July 2019
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It seems like I am missing data from Facebook and Twitter - has anyone else integrated appsflyer with their Mixpanel project?

2 replies

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I’ve been in contact with Mixpanel support, and they have explained that, due to Facebook’s terms and conditions (as well as Twitter’s), 3rd parties like Appsflyer can not directly share this information with Mixpanel (or other analytics services).

Having said that, since we can query the attribution data from Appsflyer directly via the SDK, we can get this from the app, and then send that information from the client side. The general strategy would be:

  1. Choose your attribution platform. Using Appsflyer as an example

  2. Install Appslfyer’s SDK, initialize it, and set up a listener for the installation of the app (in their SDK, it’s onConversionDataReceived.

  3. Once the listener is triggered, you will have the attribution information on the client-side. At this point, you can trigger the “install” event with the properties on the source and campaign, set it up as super properties or people properties as needed.

For this to work in Appsflyer, you also need to accept FB’s privacy policy or the attribution will appear to be organic.

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Yeah @taliabrown we've done the same thing with Adjust, but it works just as well for Appsflyer or Braze if you use that.

Basically you can use Appsflyer's/Braze's/Adjusts's SDK to query the attribution data directly when the app launches.

Once you have the data, you can choose to send it to Mixpanel as an event/super property.