API - not able to track events

  • 24 November 2020
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Hi there,


I’m using insomnia to test Mixpanel API, and I not being able to track events.

I’m using endpoint: (I also tested with

My Json Body is: 


"event": "Testing",
"properties": {
"distinct_id": "123",
"token": "My_PROJECT_TOKEN"



And i’m using in my headers the Authorization with my  username and secret combined to base64


Now, i’m always getting a 0 in the answer, meaning that something is invalid in the data.


Can someone please help me?


2 replies

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I don’t see any glaring syntax issues from where I am sitting, but I want to share this resource with some step by step examples: 

Maybe you can start there and see if you can work backwards to make it work.


Please share an update with how your project is coming along, I want to make sure that you are no longer stuck!

Thanks for your reply @cherise , that’s exactly what i’m using at the moment since i’m not able do it other way.