Any disadvantages of using Segment with Mixpanel?

  • 5 August 2019
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Hey guys, I've had Mixpanel directly implemented into my website, but there are some inconsistencies with my data. To limit development time on data matters I think it may be better to instead implement Segment and use it with other tools as well.

I'm mainly concerned if tracking user data would work well and if it would still work for matters such as funnels etc. Let me know what you guys think, thanks!

2 replies

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Hey @arshia93, I don't think there is disadvantages for us...I think that you will have an additional learning curve being that Segment has their own library and so does Mixpanel. This will require you to be more knowledgeable on both platforms for integrating or in the case that you run into any issues. I have linked Segment's docs here and Mixpanel Docs here

Hope this helps with your decision!

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Hi John, could you clarify some more? I thought Segment was supposed to send all the needed data to Mixpanel without a need to do two integration.