Android User Properties are missing completely

  • 3 September 2020
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Hi All,

As mentioned in my heading, our project’s user profile user properties do not have any android properties at all. 

A bit of background into our project setup,

Our project is a React Native Mobile App for iOS and Android. We are using react-native-mixpanel plugin found here

The iOS user properties are properly recorded . However Android User Properties are completely missing even though the event properties have all the same sort of details that need to be there in User properties. 

Has anyone come across this issue before ? 

Our sequence of steps is Identify the users after they logon → and set their account id as one of the user property by calling mixpanel.set(‘accountId’);

Any help here would be highly appreciated. Looking forward to your suggestions all.



1 reply

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@vijayragavn —have you joined this beta?


I can see that Mixpanel support is helping you to address your specific project implementation!


For anyone stumbling across a similar issue, the first step is to confirm that you have the two necessary calls implemented in order to create a profile in your Mixpanel Project. It can often be helpful to turn on debugging to check that you see both of these calls in the logs to confirm a profile has been created:

// identify must be called before 
// user profile properties can be set
//getPeople().set() creates or updates a profile
// Sets user 13793's "Plan" attribute to "Premium"
mixpanel.getPeople().set("Plan", "Premium");

You can find more information here: