Alias not working

  • 12 March 2019
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I am working on iOS. I use alias once at login. Then I use identify with the original distinct Id generated by Mixpanel, only the first time (this was recommended on the docs). Then, every time the user logs in I use identify with their email (the same email used as the alias).

The problem is, when I enter from another device, it starts tracking with a new random id (expected behavior) but after I use identify with the email, it keeps tracking the events with the same new random id, it doesn't map to the original distinct id.

Thanks for the help.

2 replies

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Badge i would check out this one

someone asked a similar question and it looks like something being worked on but there is a suggestion email in the comments

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oh, but to clarify, are you seeing that in that second device's session:

1) that all the events that are tracked after identifying on the email are being recorded under that original distinct id, but the events tracked in that session from before the identify call are under a random distinct id,

or 2) that all events of that second device's session, both before and after the identify call, are saved under a random distinct_id.

because 1 is the case i thought was happening and if so i'd refer to that other post, but 2 would be something new