Why don't my events have a $date?

  • 11 August 2021
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I've been looking at a basic Insights screen. I wanted to see which Hour of Day a particular event was most commonly done. However Mixpanel can't seem to handle this at all - $date seems to be missing as a property.

If I select "All Events" - "Total", I get a nice line chart. If I switch to "All Events" - Aggregate by "Median" for property "Date">"Hour of Day", it says it can't complete the query. Same happens if I use Date in any way - not just Hour of Day. Hovering the Date property shows a description that says "$date" is automatically added to every event. It's a built-in.

Why is this failing? Seems like a bug, but when I reported it Support sent me here.


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3 replies

I have the same problem.

My query: {Event} {Aggregate Property - Average} {Date (Hour)}

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@In8Adam is this still occurring? If so, can you share more on how you have implemented?

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Does this help any?

I’ve selected: All Events, count of total and then under the breakdown selected Date and ‘hour of day’.

Not sure if that’s the sort of thing you’re trying to achieve?