Where is my pipeline data?

  • 30 January 2021
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Hello all,

I followed the pipeline tutorial word by word - extremely carefully (since it’s a large enough doc)
I was setting it up for AWS Redshift. Got as far as glue and all. Couldn’t add the crawler since i needed to send data over so I set up a pipline. Noticed that mp_check/test-policy/test-policy.json is added but i don’t see any data at all.
pipeline logs are updating and everything.


Anyone experience anything similar? I’m stumped.

3 replies

Hi John

I think I’m experiencing a similar issue with Google BigQuery. I created my trial Pipeline last week, and in BigQuery a project and dataset appeared. But there are no tables in the dataset.

I’m also stumped, and have emailed Mixpanel support. We are on an old-style Mixpanel plan (Growth 2019) so I wonder whether it is related to that. But I’m probably grasping at straws!

Did you manage to make any progress?


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Hey John / James,


Steven from the Mixpanel product team here - nice to meet you both! I think you’re experiencing somewhat different issues, so let me see if I can speak to both.


John, sounds like there are some difficulties in setting up the crawler on AWS, which can be a rather involved process. We typically see most customers opt for the direct export as they’re not actively modifying the data and instead just querying on it, and the setup is easier than establishing a crawler - do you find yourself actively needing one? Feel free to let me know if you’ve made any changes to your configuration since writing in.


James, your Mixpanel plan type works for using Data Pipelines, so there’s likely something else at play here. Do you see any export logs if you examine your Pipeline under the Integrations tab in your Mixpanel project? You can also use the Pipelines’ /timeline endpoint to a similar effect (the idea here being to check if the exports were potentially just queued up). If you do see some tasks have run for that pipeline but there are still no tables for your trial pipeline, I would then check with our Support team. They’ll be able to check in BigQuery to confirm what we’ve exported to the shared view and cross-reference that with your project.


I am trying to create a pipeline to export data from Mixpanel to AWS S3. I have given all the permissions to S3 IAM role. Still I receive the following error. Even after receiving the error I can notice that mp_check/test-policy/test-policy.json is added but i don’t see any data at all. 

s3 permissions check failed.: failed moving folder: failed deleting object