Unique Customer Count From Sum of Event

  • 26 September 2020
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I have an event called Buy Coins, and it has a property with the amount, and status (success or fail). We want to calculate the count of users that have successfully bought coins TOTALLING over 5,000 since they signed up.

I want to be able to look at this in many ways, including since they signed up, in the last month etc. Customers can do multiple transactions and still get to the same number of 5000. We then want to create cohorts with the different groups so we can start targeting them on Facebook. Example, whales, that are buying more than 5K per month, or minnows that are buying less than 100 per month. 

If anyone can help that would be great, I’ve been trying to create a custom property to no avail. 

1 reply

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Unfortunately, cohorts don’t seem to give the ability to filter based on aggregation of properties over multiple events. Currently, the way to have that info available for breakdown etc. would be to set a profile property having the value of amount of coins purchased.