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  • 5 June 2020
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I want to generate a report which will allow me to check activities of the users at a particular time. However, I need to club together the hours of days for multiple days. What I mean is, on the X-axis of the report, I should be able to see the hours of a day (ranging 1-24), and on the Y-axis should be the count of all events. Can anyone provide me inputs on this?


In the above chart, I want to club together all the events that happened between, say 8.00 am and 9.00 am for the last 30 days.


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Hi @tejashree.vaze :hand_splayed:

The ways you could analyze this is by creating an Insights report:
1. Select the events you want to analyze
2. Do a breakdown by Date > Hour 
3. In the Line view, make sure you select “Hour” as the time unit for your graph so that you can see how many events were triggered each hour.


Does this help? Let me know :)


Hi, I am trying this as well but this doesn’t help. 

Lets say I am looking at the last 30days and find out the most popular times for login,

So it should be data without date, just hours of the 30 days.