Syncing Mixpanel Data to Salesforce using a 3rd party tool

  • 29 June 2020
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Hi I would like to sync aggregate data (filtered by “last 30 days” or “Current Month to date” to Salesforce. Besides Zapier has anyone successfully done this? Use case: I track number of searches made in our platform per user or if I track number of logins per user. How can I inject this information into Salesforce? Does aggregation take place in Mixpanel? Do customers use segment and if so how?



3 replies

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@jdkatz — I wanted to follow-up here to see if you found a solution. How is this going for you?

It sounds like you want to track login activity in SFDC, is that right? Can you share more about this?

If you create an active connection from Mixpanel to SFDC, the aggregation would need to take place in a SFDC report, since Mixpanel data is collected on an event by event basis in real time. 


Many of our customers connect Mixpanel to Salesforce using Zapier based on triggers:


There is also a  Mixpanel integration for Salesforce in the AppExchange section under Setup in Salesforce — that said, this is more of an activity widget, then a form field connector:

Note, that you would need to be an admin to be able to install this app in Salesforce.


@cherise I can’t seem to find the app/integration that you mention above.  I’ve searched all over the AppExchange.. could you provide a link to it?



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It appears Zappier only has an integration from Salesforce to Mixpanel.  I didn’t find anything with AppExchange.  Two other options I could find are.

1. Gainsight NXT

2. Workato

There is an idea for having a first class integration with Salesforce.  It doesn't specify sending data to Salesforce but might be good to comment there of this need.