Retrieve People Properties on the client side programatically?

  • 9 August 2019
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There are certain people properties that I'm storing on MixPanel that I'd like the ability to retrieve from MixPanel programmatically using Swift. For instance, if I'm storing the user's birthday as a people property, I'd like a way to retrieve that data later on. Is this possible?

1 reply

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Hey @sisrani,

You should be able to get people properties through Mixpanel's API Module using their client libraries. I recently the user Monica gives steps by step instructions on how to run a an API Module via Python's client library on the community post here.

In her example, she is trying to add a people property with the i.people_set_once call. I think in your case, you will want to use the i.export_people call at the end along with the specified format you want to export it in (JSON or CSV). The call might look something like this

i.export_people('people_export.csv',query_params=parameters,timezone_offset=-8, format='csv')

Hope this helps you out!