Retention Question (Regarding Mixpanel's 2017 Retention Benchmarks)

  • 15 October 2019
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Hey everyone!

In Mixpanel's 2017 Product Benchmark Report, as cited in their "What Is A Good App Retention Rate" blog post, they cite 8-week retention rates of 20% as average, and ~35% as "elite".

I'm curious if anyone knows if these numbers map to "First time" retention (tracking new user cohorts over time), or "Recurring" retention (tracking retention of loyal users) in Mixpanel?

Asking because these two numbers (First Time Retention vs Recurring Retention) are VERY different for my product, and would mean we're either well below average, or actually quite elite!

Let me know guys! Thanks!

3 replies

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@Telefuel it seems I cannot see the metrics you mention in the What is A Good App Retention Rate Article. Can you guide me to the right section? Looking at it can give me some hints if the it is First time or Recurring for the example you are referring to in the article.

At first glance of reading it, it sounds like the definition of retention can mean different things and this would depend on how your company defines retention. They give the example, "For some apps, retention is about recurring subscriptions. For others, it’s about one-off visits or purchases".

Which makes me curious to know what kind of company you are in and what does retention mean in your company?


@john.austin - Thanks for the reply. There are two charts in that post. You can search the page for "Elite app retention rate (90th percentile)" and "Average app retention rate (50th percentile)"

We're a messaging app, and both first time retention and recurring retention are relevant to us. I'm just curious if the benchmarks shared in MixPanel's report map to one or the other.

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@Telefuel based on the sentence "Mixpanel conducted research into the behavior of 1.3 billion unique users who triggered 50 billion events is either recurring or addiction?" I believe it would be Recurring Retention.

You may have seen this already but I just saw that they posted 2019 BenchMarks reports which might be helpful for you as well