Rate limits on API usage from report?

  • 2 October 2019
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Some time ago I wrote a complex report using the Mixpanel Platform API ( and ran it directly on Mixpanel (via When I try to run it now it goes part-way, then API requests start failing with rate-limiting 429 error codes. I seem to remember that rate limits were not enforced for reports running on itself -- is that no longer the case? Thanks.

2 replies

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@piotrk I have gotten a 429 Error in the past for hitting the Formatted API limit. To avoid the error, we spread out query over longer periods.

Not sure if you saw this but wanted to share their Rate Limit section in the Rate Limits for Export API Endpoints article. It was very useful when we were hitting the limit. Hope this helps you too!


Thanks. I'm aware of the rate limits but they used not to apply to the platform API when running reports from I guess they do now and I'll have to slow down the queries some... Oh well.