Querying by DateTime in JQL

  • 21 March 2019
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Currently I am under the impression that when using JQL in mixpanel, one can only query by date in the format YYYY-MM-DD like so:

function main() {
  return Events({
    from_date: '2019-03-19',
    to_date:   '2019-03-20',
    event_selectors: [{ 'event': 'signup' }]

This will return a JSON like this:

    "name": "signup",
    "distinct_id": "1ce53208-e037-4c68-aac7-7a4e06d188a0",
    "labels": [],
    "time": 1451723182000,
    "sampling_factor": 1,
    "dataset": "$mixpanel",
    "properties": {
      "$email": "",
      "$import": true,

I'd like to know if it is possible to query not only by date but also by time using the default Mixpanel properties?

I realize one option would be to add my own custom property to the event so that when it is triggered it contains the current date-time but I'd like to avoid adding duplicate data unnecessarily since the response already contains the `time` timestamp property.


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I believe I found my own answer. Simply use the .filter() method.

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You're totally right, @kidpass!

Using the .filter() transformation you can filter between two specific timestamps, like so:

  return event.time >= 1553644800000 && event.time <= 1553644900000