Possible to set dark mode on public share link?

  • 13 August 2021
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Howdy! I’ve built a dashboard which I’d like to share into an internal dashboard-building tool we use, so I created a public link for it.

I noticed that “TV mode” can be activated with the URL parameter tv=true

Is there a URL parameter or setting I can use to specify that a public dashboard should load in dark mode? Thanks!


Best answer by Laura K 17 August 2021, 03:46

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1 reply

Hi!  Enabling dark mode isn’t an option in the public view at the current moment, though something we’ll keep an eye on and monitor feedback to see if we should add it to our upcoming roadmap.  Worth noting that if a user is logged in and has access to the project then the public dashboard link will take the user to the internal view which will have dark mode.