Object expansion in report through API

  • 21 April 2021
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Hello, we are trying to link some reports through the Mixpanel API in order to display the values on our own tool.

We have created a report with a formula applied to an event, with a filter of a custom property named “Participant ID”. In the report breakdowns we have included 3 properties: a custom property named “Participant ID” (same used in filter), the user property “Timezone” and the event property “Date”.

In the download of the report that we get through the API, we get one object which can be expanded to include other objects. Since we have applied a formula to the event, we get the key-name of the event as it is defined in the formula, and the rest of the values included in expansions of the object as seen in the image below. 


We would like to do one or both of the following:

  1. Include key names (the names of the properties) for each of the property values that is expandable, such that it appears in the code, for example to include the key “Timezone” before the value “Europe/Athens”.
    "series": {
    "duration_in_minutes": {
    "FPSUS1-8428": {
    "timezone": "Europe/Athens",
    "dates": {
    "Apr 21 '21": {
    "all": 11.639999999999999
  2. List property values without a priority, so that we do not have to expand the object. The reason we need this is to help us search for the value without looking into the object expansion. 

    Thank you

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