Missing Event Properties

  • 26 August 2020
  • 2 replies

We’re testing Mixpanel out with our dev environment Segment data. I can see that our events have event properties in the Lexicon viewer, but when I select an event in an Insight, there are no event properties to use as a breakdown. However, if I manually type a property, it works.


Why are the event properties not listed in the breakdown selector?


2 replies

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@lbridges —

This is certainly unexpected behavior. If you are sending events with properties, I would expect that if you Select that event in the Insights report, and then go to breakdown that event by a specific properties, the properties that you sent with that event should pop up.


You mentioned that you are testing this, so I wonder if there was a delay here? Are you still experiencing this issue?

I was not able to replicate it on my end, so I am hoping that the issue resolved itself in your project.


Please let me know!



Hi @cherise. Thank you for your response. Turns out it was due to my adblocker. Once I disabled that, I was able to see the properties.