Mailchimp & Mixpanel - setting up triggered emails from MC based on MP data

  • 20 July 2021
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Hello all, with Mixpanel’s Messaging feature going away at the end of the year, we are looking at using Mailchimp to send our triggered emails for app onboarding & reactivation. I’ve never used mailchimp but have used many other ESPs. However I am quite stumped on where to go with setting up the integration, assigning tags (or do I need segments?) to imported contacts & behavioral data, oh basically everything! I’ve done the actual integration, (appears to be successfully connected) but I’m not sure what’s next.

Has anyone in this community set up Mixpanel with Mailchimp and have tips for how to get started, what to look out for, etc? Or have an agency or consultant they can refer us to, so it gets set up RIGHT and will have me ready to hit the ground running with my messages?  Thanks!


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@Josh_EnvisionDigital @Outliant @Filip Nedelkovski @Muffaddal Qutbuddin is this something you can support with?


​Hey @ericaf 

Great question! I have previous experience with exporting Mixpanel cohorts in Mailchimp. 

Since you already integrated Mailchimp with Mixpanel, the next step would be to create Cohorts and export them to Mailchimp. I would recommend you to use the dynamic sync feature. That way, audiences in Mailchimp will update automatically every 15 mins. 

Please, check this article -

If you need any additional help, feel free to contact me. 


I have set up the Mixpanel-Mailchimp integration as specified in this article ( and have done a one-time (non-recurring) export of a Cohort to Mailchimp that should have exported 1,119 users into a Mailchimp Segment as shown here:



However, two problems:

  1. After the status of the export changed to “Success” I still do not see a new Segment created in Mailchimp.
  2. When I visit the “Mailchimp - Mixpanel Integration” dashboard I see that 2099 contacts were processed (see screenshot below) -- but still no Segment was created (nothing in my Segments view of Mailchimp)
  3. ...When I go to my Audience dashboard in Mailchimp, it shows me only 4 contacts came from Mixpanel. 

I am looking to send an email campaign to all of those exported users but there is no Segment or Tag or that I see to identify them in Mailchimp, despite the export appearing to have been successful on Mixpanel side.

Any ideas what might be going wrong here?



OK I found what was happening and it would be very helpful if the documentation would be updated to explain this.

The integration does not create a new Segment in Mailchimp (which I expected after reading the docs)

Rather, a Tag is created with the name of the cohort exported.