How to run an insights report via API with from_date and to_date?

  • 5 January 2022
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This page describes how to execute a Saved Insights Report via the HTTP API, but it does not seem to support from_date and to_date parameters. Is there some other way to execute a Saved Insights Report, but override the date range saved on the report?


My goal is to leverage the Mixpanel UI to let users build complex queries (Insights Reports) and save them. Then use code to run the report via HTTP API periodically, and specify my date range each time the API is called.

1 reply

Another thought: is there an API endpoint to fetch the JQL for a Saved Insights Query?

I looked but couldn’t find one. This would allow me to still leverage the Mixpanel UI to write complex queries, then fetch the JQL and change the from_date and to_date before executing the JQL via another API call.