How to get the different Alias ID from User Profile

  • 16 December 2021
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In our app we first alias new users with this:

const distinctId = await mixpanel.getDistinctId();

mixpanel.alias(userId, distinctId);

If the user is not new - we skip the above. We always identify:


This produces some of this data in the Mixpanel Dashboard:


The Distinct ID here is useless to us - we are looking for the userId which is app specific and aliased to the Distinct ID - which you can see above as “email|61981355d6496fcf66be9e04”

However - I cannot find a single place where I can get this data out. I tried looking at this single user in the Insights Report but NONE of User > Alias, Alias, User ID, User > Identified ID are defined. (See below)

How do I get that userID out? If I cannot get it out (especially via the Engage-Query API here - I cant join any of this data to my own database.




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